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Don’t keep me ‘vaiting, ja?

The blog is now underway

WARNING: This blog contains Blood and gore, ponies being hurt/shot/sliced and more. Follow at your own favour and risk.

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Finished with Fluttershy’s design. So far it’s looking pretty good. I’ll probably tweek some of the portions as i continue on with the blog, but for now I guess I’ll just leave it like this

((Leaving this here for the people who did get the post and are a little excited about it. Will be deleting later ))

can we get that last panel textless as well? That's freakin' adorable!

Hay, really dig your work. It's simple and cute. Also I dig that you actually update, keep up the good work!


Thank you so much That means a lot to me, and I do try to update as much as possible because back then, whenever I find these awesome art blogs ,they don’t update any more because they’re just not in the mood and crap (even today, there are some artist like that, and i don’t judge them).

That really means a lot  ^-^ 


how is that awesome? it's just a badly made gif


i’m sorry

Seeing the other team charging for you last point.

Realizing they’re actually Conga-ing.

Join in.

I join BLU team.

Might aswell join the party.

Submitted by: Labet

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(( I dunno why, but I felt like it ))



*whimpers loudly*



That sounded like Rarity!




[ End of Transmission ]



Thank you ALL so much for 1500+ followers! I still can’t believe that so many would like my silly little oc. ;w; Thank you so much! i don’t know what else to say right now i just aaaah ;w;

I wish I could include everyone, but here are some mutuals!

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Once again, thank you evrybody! 

also I’m sorry if i ruined your ponies with my art style ahsdhjkfhaffkjsf

See ya soon! <3

(( Aw, that’s so awesome! Thanks for actually putting my lil’ ol’ Sweetie in your special! This the first time anyone’s ever done that!

Thanks! ))